About Us

Pulse Private Investigations offers experience, compassion and a completely non-judgmental environment.  We recognize that taking a matter to a Private Investigator can feel a bit intimidating.  In our consultations and throughout our entire relationship with clients we offer integrity, value and results. We strive to get you the very best results at the most affordable price. 


Ellen brings passion, perseverance and professionalism to every case she works on, regardless of size.
She has experience in the following areas:
-cheating spouses
-divorce and child custody investigations
-social media and internet investigations

-undercover operations
-labour union disputes
-law firm support
-background checks
-insurance investigations
-corporate investigations
-suspicious death investigations
-missing persons cases

Ellen is the driving force behind the group, “Whereabouts Unknown”, which works on missing persons cold cases.  She has been featured extensively on television, radio and in articles.
Ellen White